Since its inception, Linguistic has always been met with the same question: what about speaking? Everyone knows that learning to read a language is only half of the battle, and while having the ability to “Learn” any text message is insanely useful, reading a language and understand it when someone speaks it to you are two very different things.

Arguably the most useful phrases in any language learner's tool belt are:

  • "Could you say that slower?"
  • "Could you say that again?"
  • "What did you say?"

Today I'm extremely pleased to announce a new feature on Linguistic that will answer all three questions of the above: voice messages.

Similar to voice messages found in Telegram, Apple Messages, or WeChat, Linguistic voice messages are small voice snippets you can record and send to any of your language partners.

However, unlike a run-of-the-mill messaging app, we:

  • automatically detect which language is being spoken
  • transcribe every message on the fly
  • provide full tokenization support for every word detected in the sentence
  • allow you to playback messages at half-speed so you can listen as closely or as many times as you need to

We believe this is a huge step forward in helping learners refine their listening skills, as well as part-take in more meaningful and productive conversations in a foreign language using audio.

Watch our launch video below showing the feature in action!